Confusing Words test (14)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    All children love to open ..... on Christmas morning.
  • 2
    A new animal was discovered in Laos. It looked very strange and many people didn't believe it was ..... at first.
  • 3
    Sharon normally takes her film to the nearby shop to get her negatives developed and ..... made.
  • 4
    The rare and beautiful eagle ..... above the mountain top. It was an outstanding sight.
  • 5
    After the lay-off announcement, most of the workers were in a ...... They couldn't believe they had all lost their jobs.
  • 6
    On Saturday night, Clay and Cindy are going to a concert at the local auditorium. The new ..... received good reviews in the paper last week.
  • 7
    Many years ago, most working dogs were ..... to train for certain tasks well.
  • 8
    The farmer frantically called the veterinarian when he realized his cows broke into the grain ...... His whole herd could die because too much grain at one time is bad for cows.
  • 9
    While the family was camping, they heard a loud growl in the bushes. They were afraid that it might be a bear because they were camping in ..... country.
  • 10
    You ..... to get your car fixed. I'm tired of driving you around!

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