Confusing Words test (17)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    The ..... on the little boy's bicycle needs to be replaced so he can safely ride his bike around the neighborhood.
  • 2
    Josephine told her best friend Olivia to ..... the moment, so Olivia is going to Europe this summer.
  • 3
    Katherine felt like doing something different, so she decided to pierce her ..... this week.
  • 4
    Sandra loves to sit on her porch and drink coffee in the ......
  • 5
    You must ..... the garlic cloves in order to use them in this recipe.
  • 6
    You have to ..... a coat today because it's been snowing all night long. It's so cold!
  • 7
    Children all over the world are studying ..... arts such as karate, kung-fu and tae-kwon-do.
  • 8
    The shopping ..... is so crowded because today is Christmas Eve.
  • 9
    Don't forget to ..... the window. There was a terrible draft in here when I came home yesterday.
  • 10
    Did you read the cancellation ..... in the contract? You should, because it's an important section of the document.

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