Confusing Words test (20)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    The robbers were ..... about an hour after the bank robbery took place.
  • 2
    Every second Friday, Isaiah goes to the bank to ..... his paycheck.
  • 3
    Often, state governments will implement a sales ..... in order to collect more funds for various purposes.
  • 4
    Coffee is delicious. However, there are also many different kinds of delicious ..... to choose from these days.
  • 5
    I pulled the plant out of the garden because I thought it was only a ...... It turns out it was an herb that I could have used in my cooking.
  • 6
    I have to buy a ..... because I want to grow a productive vegetable garden this spring.
  • 7
    The garden table was made of black ..... iron. It looks great with the other outdoor furniture on the patio.
  • 8
    You will need a passport if you want to cross the ...... They just changed the law this year.
  • 9
    After the huge feast, Tim's stomach ached because he ..... so much delicious food at one time.
  • 10
    I asked my husband to ..... my purse while I put on my winter coat.

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