Confusing Words test (3)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Can you imagine what ..... world would be like if there weren't any cars?
  • 2
    The fierce wind ..... all night long. It was intolerable!
  • 3
    Mathematics is about concepts and practice, and you must ..... the basics if you are going to pass your exam.
  • 4
    I don't care where we go. It's up to you. I ate ......
  • 5
    George ..... her on her speech and she politely thanked him as she walked past the crowd of reporters.
  • 6
    Every night after supper, Lawrence lies down on the sofa with a good book. Lawrence needs a magnifying glass to read because his ..... is so bad.
  • 7
    Thomas really likes the nursing home his children chose for him because his personal ..... is nice and competent.
  • 8
    Cindy realized the ..... was crisp and clean, and she breathed in deeply to soak up the night's natural charm.
  • 9
    The little girl ..... when her mother told her she couldn't have the toy she saw in the department store.
  • 10
    After retirement, the elderly couple decided it was time to ..... their large home and move into something smaller.

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