Confusing Words test (4)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    The Internet company ..... me for the items I ordered last week.
  • 2
    Carrie was tired and soon became ..... with the activity her teacher had assigned.
  • 3
    Joy tied a decorative ..... in the ribbon so the Christmas package would look beautiful when she sent it to her parents.
  • 4
    The adult falcon ..... on smaller birds, mammals and reptiles.
  • 5
    The ..... came down all night, but in the morning the sun shone and we were able to have a beautiful, dry picnic in the afternoon.
  • 6
    Dorothy carefully ..... all of the Christmas gifts, and then she filled all of the stockings with small gifts and goodies.
  • 7
    Joey asked his father to ..... him a bedtime story. His favorite book is 'Green Eggs and Ham' by Doctor Seuss.
  • 8
    In each question, the students were asked to choose the ..... word from a list of possibilities.
  • 9
    The ..... was long and looked like a ribbon laid out across the hills of the prairies.
  • 10
    She sewed a strong ..... to finish off the dress she was making for her granddaughter's birthday.

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