Confusing Words test (5)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    The cat chased his ..... until he fell over from dizziness.
  • 2
    The warm breeze and starry sky made that particular ..... the perfect setting for a romantic dinner.
  • 3
    As the chocolate chip cookies baked in the oven, a delicious ..... filled the entire house.
  • 4
    As Johnny walked up to the plate, the opposing team prayed for a strike or a ..... ball.
  • 5
    I can ..... the Pacific Ocean and many marine animals, such as seagulls and porpoises, from my bedroom window every day.
  • 6
    Tyler ..... that the team was in trouble, so he tried harder than usual to strike out the batter.
  • 7
    The ..... affair made everyone uncomfortable. Most wished the ordeal would end very soon.
  • 8
    Tom is a talented and innovative carpenter. He uses many different types of ..... in his work.
  • 9
    The ..... was eating from a berry bush when he was startled by the scent of approaching, but unsuspecting, hikers.
  • 10
    Tree frogs usually drink moisture from the ..... on trees and leaves in the mornings.

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