Confusing Words test (8)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Thomas doesn't like a lot of seafood. For example, he doesn't like clams, shrimp or ......
  • 2
    The flight attendant walked up and down the ..... to make sure all of the passengers had enough to eat and drink on the long flight to Australia.
  • 3
    Rebecca called a plumber because she has a loud and annoying ..... in the bathroom that keeps her up some nights.
  • 4
    The soldier received the ..... of Honor for his bravery during WWII.
  • 5
    Connie is self-conscious about her ..... so she always wears really baggy, oversized clothing.
  • 6
    During the play, the actor forgot his lines. There was a long ..... in the audience until he remembered the next line, and then the show continued.
  • 7
    There was a huge thunderstorm in the Midwest last week. ..... as big as baseballs fell from the sky and damaged many vehicles and homes.
  • 8
    The successful advertising company is not really worried about ..... this fiscal year because they are doing so well.
  • 9
    The ..... on Henry's shoes are worn, so he took them to the shoe repair shop.
  • 10
    Kathy bought a beautiful ..... to go with her gorgeous wedding dress.

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