Constituent Companies

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    ..... share weighted index is a stock index in which stocks affect the index in proportion to the number of shares outstanding of the constituent companies (i.e. the number of stocks listed) and thus the company with more shares outstanding influences the index more greatly.

  • 2

    '..... mortgage' means an obligation to pay a sum of money evidenced by a note and secured by a lien upon real property containing two or fewer residential units or on which two or fewer residential units are to be constructed and includes such an obligation on a condominium or cooperative unit.

  • 3

    Any agreement that tends to insure an investor his relative price advantage or percentage ownership is ..... provision.

  • 4

    In the late 70s, Wall Street came up with a scheme by which lenders could make one package of many mortgages and sell these packages to investors, who then traded the securities among themselves: thus was born a bubbling ..... mortgage market.

  • 5

    A company may not have taxable income, but may show ..... profit either by adopting the straight-line depreciation method or by not debiting capital expenditure on scientific research and development to its profit and loss (P&L) account.

  • 6

    A nondeductible ..... to a traditional individual retirement account (IRA) typically occurs because an individual participates in an employer retirement plan and has modified adjusted gross income above certain levels.

  • 7

    Flag and .....: these two short-term chart patterns are continuation patterns formed when there is a sharp price movement followed by a generally sideways price movement; the pattern is then completed upon another sharp price movement in the same direction as the move that started the trend.

  • 8

    Owners of a ..... account are ultimately responsible for keeping track of their available funds, even though the bank will routinely issue its own accounting statements; some banks will protect account holders by making the proper payments and notifying the owner that an overdraft has taken place.

  • 9

    Nasdaq said today that it had scaled back its proposal to reduce the minimum number of shares that can be traded under the commission's new order-handling rules; its original proposal would have reduced the minimum ..... size from 1,000 shares to 100 for all 5,540 stocks to be covered by the new rules.

  • 10

    Options contracts are sold in lots of 1,000 shares and each contract has a specific strike price; BHP has an option ..... that expires every month whereas a stock such as Rinker Limited (RIN) may only have options every 3 months.

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