Consumer Protection

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    The US Federal Trade Commission has prepared the following information to help consumers understand the antitrust laws and protect consumer ..... - the freedom to choose goods and services in an open marketplace at a price and quality that fit the consumer's needs.

  • 2

    A ..... agreement on price among competitors - where the agreement is not reasonably related to the firms' business operations - is illegal.

  • 3

    Price similarities also can result from normal economic conditions: for example, ..... competition can drive prices down to a common level.

  • 4

    As for the appearance of uniformly high prices, ..... may not be the only basis for the situation: prices may increase if consumer demand for a product is particularly high and the supply is limited.

  • 5

    An agreement to restrict production or output is illegal because reducing the supply of a product or service ..... drives up its price.

  • 6

    A group ..... - an agreement among competitors not to deal with another person or business - violates the law if it is used to force another party to pay higher prices.

  • 7

    Market division - agreements among competitors to divide sales territories or ..... customers - are presumed to be illegal.

  • 8

    Restrictions on price advertising can be illegal if they ..... consumers of important information.

  • 9

    A professional ..... of ethics may be unlawful if it unreasonably restricts the ways professionals may compete.

  • 10

    Vertical price-fixing - an agreement between a supplier and a dealer that fixes the minimum resale price of a product - is a ..... antitrust violation.

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