Contracts and agreements

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    A contract is a ..... agreement that is reached between two individuals or parties.

  • 2

    A contract between an individual and his or her employer is for the services s/he will provide in exchange for getting ......

  • 3

    ..... a rental agreement to live in an apartment for one year is a kind of contract.

  • 4

    The tenant promises to pay a ..... amount of rent, and in return, the realty agent promises to supply the accommodation.

  • 5

    A customer ..... into a contract each time s/he makes a purchase.

  • 6

    A contract is initiated when a person makes an offer to buy something and the seller ..... his or her offer.

  • 7

    In order for a contract to be completed, something of ..... needs to be exchanged.

  • 8

    A contract has been created when both the buyer and the seller have agreed that there will be some kind of ......

  • 9

    Any contract that is made to buy or sell something that is ..... is not enforceable under law.

  • 10

    A contract is required to be made by those who are legally capable, a condition called ......

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