Corporate communications

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Paul Chin, in his 'The Evolution of Corporate Communications', realizes that communicating to hundreds, sometimes thousands, of employees within an organization is no ..... feat.
  • 2
    This challenge is further complicated in organizations with a global ....., where corporate headquarters is responsible for delivering the same message to satellite offices in geographically dispersed locations.
  • 3
    And don't fool yourself in thinking that there's some long process of ..... when they receive one of these messages; most corporate communications will grab the attention of an employee for no more than a few seconds - if at all.
  • 4
    It's within that very narrow ..... of opportunity that they will decide whether to read something or toss it aside.
  • 5
    Communication is a two-way .....; it requires a sender and a receiver: if no one is listening, you're just a crazy person talking to yourself.
  • 6
    Anyone involved with corporate communications needs to be aware of their receivers' habits and ..... before deciding on message and medium.
  • 7
    It wouldn't make sense to use technology-based communications with an audience who's not ..... without first providing them with adequate training.
  • 8
    In the '90s, the IT industry was ..... with the concept of push technology, a method of delivering content to users' desktop without requiring them to actively seek it out.
  • 9
    The technology, however, never lived up to its hype and communications fell back to old .....: the intranet and e-mail.
  • 10
    Momentum is also growing in the corporate environment for RSS, where organizations are beginning to see that RSS can be used to pick up where e-mail ..... off as an internal corporate communicator.

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