Corporate Credit Cards

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Vincent Eavis explains that corporate payment card usage can be divided, but not limited, into two distinct categories: general business travel and entertainment activities (T&E cards) and business ..... activities (purchasing or p-cards).

  • 2

    T&E spending varies according to a business's needs, whereas the proportion of purchasing that is now done on p-cards rather than by traditional ..... payment methods is continuously increasing.

  • 3

    T&E expenses comprise the second largest controllable expense item for companies after salaries, consuming approximately 50 to 80 basis ..... of a company's revenues.

  • 4

    For T&E cards, the balance must be ..... in full upon presentation of the statement, or within certain defined payment terms, typically around 25 days beyond statement date.

  • 5

    This means no money is made on ..... interest as with the consumer credit card model.

  • 6

    These cards tend to be for travel and entertainment expenses such as air travel, hotels, rail, car hire and restaurants; the company ..... card payments on behalf of the individual cardholder, which is known as corporate liability.

  • 7

    There are also mid-way solutions such as joint and ..... liability, where both parties (company and individual) can be liable.

  • 8

    Typically, since corporate T&E cards are for business expenses, the preferred option to enable control should be corporate liability: the further liability extends to the individual, the less the company is going to be able to exert control and thereby ..... the potential benefits.

  • 9

    P-cards are never paid ..... an individual's bank account.

  • 10

    P-cards can eliminate several steps in the purchase-to-order process, and this eliminates the purchase order paper ....., which can save costs of anywhere from 60 to 100 per transaction.

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