Corporate Espionage

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Whether it comes from an internal or external source, corporate espionage can hit all corporates hard, especially SMEs where margins are ......

  • 2

    Since the primary motivation behind cyber crime switched from ..... to money, the corporate security stakes have never been higher.

  • 3

    The protection of data should never be underestimated, as a recent event involving Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs in the UK highlights, where a CD containing confidential details of millions of people ..... missing.

  • 4

    Most small and medium enterprises don't believe their company will be targeted; if a company is not in the defence industry or the company is relatively small, the thinking is, they aren't at risk, but this ..... common attitude can be any small business' weakness.

  • 5

    The nature of a targeted attack means that it is probably going to be aimed at your weakest spot: for example, a laptop or a worker that secretly uses ..... file sharing programs to download videos.

  • 6

    It's a struggle to keep track of the status of each computer, and many smaller companies are trying to use complicated and hugely technical enterprise security products that simply weren't designed with them in mind; consequently, corporate espionage is likely to give them even more of a ..... going forward.

  • 7

    While the 'bad guys' might be getting more sophisticated in their attacks, small businesses have typically failed to keep ..... with their defences.

  • 8

    But not all espionage is hi-tech ..... and gadgetry.

  • 9

    Small businesses urgently need to look at ways of closing up potential ..... in their network, such as tools that give them the ability to successfully implement safe computing policies, software rollouts and updates, while offering the necessary ease of use and management.

  • 10

    Corporate spies are perfectly happy to get information from the easiest, most overlooked sources, and more often than not, the offender is a ..... employee or someone at director level trying to set up as a competitior or give a company's intellectual rights away to a competitor for reward or revenge.

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