Cross Questions

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Jane: Did you know you broke the glass when you ..... the door last night?
  • 2
    Frank: It couldn't possibly have been me I always shut doors ......
  • 3
    Jane: I'm sorry you're not telling the truth, you were the last person to ......
  • 4
    Mike: That doesn't prove anything. Actually I heard the sound of glass ..... in the night.
  • 5
    Jane: You're just making that up - I know you're not ......
  • 6
    Mike: Honestly, I did hear that kind of noise, I ......
  • 7
    Jane: Sorry you can protest if you like but it doesn't ......
  • 8
    Mike: Just a minute what's that note .....?
  • 9
    Jane: It's some kind of note from Joe next door - no I ......
  • 10
    Mike: Give it to me. Very interesting! He says he broke the glass by accident and ......

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