Cultural Brokerage

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Wu and Haywood's paper presents the findings of a study of Canadians who have visited China and the tour operators who ..... the trips in an attempt to understand the need for 'cultural brokerage'.

  • 2

    Research has revealed that cultural differences are important factors that appeal to and attract international tourists; many seem to ..... the novelty of the experience.

  • 3

    However, the success of these foreign ..... can be undermined if the travel experience and the encounters are not carefully managed.

  • 4

    The intent is to help Canadian tourists and Chinese hosts better understand each other; when Canadian tourists are better able to pre-educate themselves about Canadian and Chinese cultural differences, they will be able to visit China with a greater peace of ......

  • 5

    The greater the differences in the cultural background of travelers, the more likely it is that their behaviour will be misunderstood and lead to ..... (Reisinger & Turner, 1998).

  • 6

    Experiencing a second culture can be beneficial, since such ..... is said to broaden one's perspective, promote personality growth and provide insight into the culture of origin through a contrast with other world-views.

  • 7

    Milman and Pizam (1988) argue that actual tourism and travel experience is not only composed of physical activities, but also a wide range of ..... activities pertaining to the mind.

  • 8

    Since national cultures have certain dominant values, it can be taken for ..... that international tourists will differ from their hosts in numerous ways (Pizam & Sussmann, 1995; Reisinger & Turner, 1998).

  • 9

    To orientate tourists to exotic host cultures, it may be necessary to engage a 'culture broker', a ..... who functions as a link between diverse cultural systems.

  • 10

    It has been noted that the temporariness of international tourists' cross-cultural encounter may cause tourists and hosts to take a more tolerant view of the strange or threatening fancies and ..... of the other.

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