Cyber-criminals and Cyber-crime

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    For the past several years we have seen a big change in cyber-crime; although the ..... number of crimes has risen considerably substantially, that is not the complete story.

  • 2

    Just increasing the quantities of manpower and money that a company throws ..... this problem is no longer sufficient to keep pace with all the changes.

  • 3

    Cyber-criminals, along with the cyber-crimes that they ....., are constantly evolving, and our approaches and methods must also change in order to guard our company from this new wave.

  • 4

    Only a few years ago, cyber-criminals were primarily young male nerds doing it as an experiment or just for fun; they were not ..... profit from their efforts but just wanted to impress their girlfriends or peers.

  • 5

    They were not trying to cause major disruptions or steal money; changing the company website logo was acceptable, but crashing the entire system and then ..... money to restore it was unthinkable.

  • 6

    In those days, hackers were just earning bragging rights and boosting their egos; the activity was only a ..... or two up the intellectual ladder from train-spotting.

  • 7

    Nowadays, the hackers' primary targets are e-commerce websites and their customer databases, and their operations are so ..... that stolen data is misused within seconds of its being entered by the unwitting victims.

  • 8

    Today, e-commerce's main growth area is in replacing traditional telephone-based or over-the-counter transactions with web-based applications, and of course hackers have ..... onto this.

  • 9

    Now at the disposal of cyber-criminals are all the resources of organised crime, which knows that police forces globally are ..... under-resourced for attacking internet fraud.

  • 10

    Efforts need to be focused on the building of secure applications that cannot be ......

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