Dialogue Practice: Asking for Directions

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Sophie: My parents are coming into town. Do you know any good Italian restaurants? I'm familiar with the one on the ..... side of town, but we've already been there and I'd like to try a new one.
  • 2
    Friend: There is one on the west side of town. It's right next to that new super ..... that was built last year; the one that has exotic, tropical produce. Do you know the one I'm talking about?
  • 3
    Sophie: Yes, I know that new supermarket. What ..... should I take to get there the fastest from my house? Should I take the Interstate 80?
  • 4
    Friend: Yes. You could take the I-80. If you do, you should get off the freeway at the Browning ..... ; not the Blueberry.
  • 5
    Sophie: Once I do that, do I take a right or a ..... at the bottom of the off ramp?
  • 6
    Friend: You would take a right at the bottom and then go straight through the four-way ......
  • 7
    Sophie: Alright. After that, do I keep going straight or turn on one of the ..... streets?
  • 8
    Friend: Keep going straight until you see that huge purple ..... for the movie theater. Once you see that, take your next left.
  • 9
    Sophie: Does the restaurant have its own ..... lot or should I use the supermarket's lot?
  • 10
    Friend: They share the same area. The restaurant is in a brown ..... with white trim. You'll see several large, white flower boxes outside. I hope this helps!

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