Dialogue Practice: Buying a Book

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Alice: Can you help me find a particular ....., please? It is a story about a fictitious government conspiracy and is by Dan Crown.
  • 2
    Cashier: Yes, I can help you find it. It is in the ..... section. I have to help one customer and then I can meet you in that section and help you find it.
  • 3
    Cashier: Did you find it? Alice: No, I wasn't able to ..... it. Can we look together?
  • 4
    Cashier: We certainly can. Oh, by the way, are you looking for a hard..... version of the book?
  • 5
    Alice: No, I am looking for a ..... back version. The hard-backed books are more expensive than I can afford.
  • 6
    Cashier: I don't know if we have any paperback versions of that book. We may be ..... out of those for now. Let's look, though, and see if we can find you one.
  • 7
    Alice: Oh! There it is! Since it is the day after Christmas, is there a ..... available on this book? Or is there any other kind of sale going on?
  • 8
    Cashier: No, there isn't. It is a ..... book and we don't offer discounts for those. We only offer discounts on new books.
  • 9
    Cashier: We don't have a discount but we do take .....-ins. We will give you one used book for every two you bring in and give to us.
  • 10
    Alice: I understand. I'll do that the next time I come in. As for the purchase, does your store take ..... cards? That's all I have on me at the moment.

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