Dialogue Practice: Buying a Music CD (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Man: Hi, I'm ..... for Metallica's Greatest Hits.
  • 2
    Store Clerk: You can find that CD in the hard ..... music section.
  • 3
    Man: I already looked in that section but I couldn't ..... it.
  • 4
    Store Clerk: Really? Maybe we've ..... out. Let me check our inventory on the store computer.
  • 5
    Man: That would be great, thanks. Store Clerk: Let's see. It looks like we don't have any ..... in stock right now.
  • 6
    Man: Oh no! That's too bad. My nephew really wanted that CD for this birthday. Store Clerk: I may be able to ..... some more. When is his birthday?
  • 7
    Man: His birthday isn't until next Saturday. Do you think the ..... will arrive before the weekend?
  • 8
    Store Clerk: Sure. If I order some more today, they should ..... here by Friday.
  • 9
    Man: That would be great. I'll be back on Friday to ..... one up. Thanks for your help.
  • 10
    Store Clerk: I'll be here again on Friday and I'll ..... one CD for you as soon as I open the box. Can I get your name and number before you go? Man: Sure, no problem. It's Matt Binger and my number is 555-1211.

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