Dialogue Practice: Hotels (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Mr. Smith: Hi. I'd like to ..... one room for Friday and Saturday?
  • 2
    Hotel Clerk: We have several rooms ..... on those days. Would you like a room with two beds or one with a king-size bed?
  • 3
    Mr. Smith: I would like a room with a king-size bed. I have some work to do on the Internet while I'm there, so is ..... available in that room?
  • 4
    Hotel Clerk: Yes, we have Internet ..... in all of our rooms.
  • 5
    Hotel Clerk: And, how many people will be ..... in this room?
  • 6
    Mr. Smith: The room is for two people. My wife will be accompanying me. Oh, I almost forgot to ask. Do you ..... pets?
  • 7
    Hotel Clerk: Yes, we are a pet-..... hotel.
  • 8
    Mr. Smith: That's great. I have one more question. Does your hotel ..... coffee and tea in the morning?
  • 9
    Hotel Clerk: Yes, we do. We also provide all of our guests with a ..... breakfast each day.
  • 10
    Mr. Smith: That sounds great. I'd like to pay for this room in ...... Can I give you my credit card number now?

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