Dialogue Practice: Hotels (3)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Hotel Clerk: That sounds good. Just give the hotel clerk your name and a ..... of photo ID when you arrive. See you then. Goodbye.
  • 2
    Mr. Smith (arrived at the hotel): Hi. My name is John Smith and I booked a room ..... the phone on Thursday.
  • 3
    Hotel clerk: Hello, Mr. Smith. Can I see your photo ID so that I can ..... your reservation? Mr. Smith: Here you go.
  • 4
    Hotel Clerk: Thank you. Yes, here you are. You reserved a room with one king-size bed for you, your wife and a pet. Is that .....?
  • 5
    Mr. Smith: Yes, it is. Hotel Clerk: Great. So, can I have you ..... for the room here, please.
  • 6
    Hotel Clerk: Thanks. And, here are your room ...... Would you like one or two? Mr. Smith: Two, so that my wife and I can both get into our rooms whenever we like.
  • 7
    Hotel Clerk: No problem. Now, I'll call the ..... to help you with your luggage.
  • 8
    Hotel Clerk: We also have ..... parking. Can I have someone take your car to the parking area for you, Mr. Smith?
  • 9
    Mr. Smith: Sure, that sounds great. My keys are in the car. In fact, they are still in the ......
  • 10
    Hotel Clerk: No problem. Roger, can you ..... Mr. and Mrs. Smith's car for them, please?

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