Dialogue Practice: Hotels (5)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Mr. Smith: Oh, yes. I forgot about the firewalls. I'll do that right now while I ..... you on the phone.
  • 2
    Hotel Clerk: If that doesn't ....., we do have a WI-Fi caf downstairs. You can access the Internet from there. That is an option if your computer can't access our server.
  • 3
    Mr. Smith: It seems to be working now. Thanks so much. Oh, and one more thing. Do you think we could have two ..... pillows, please?
  • 4
    Hotel Clerk: Sure, I'll have the bellhop ..... them up right away.
  • 5
    Hotel Clerk: Is there anything else I can ..... for you, Mr. Smith? Mr. Smith: No, that's it. Thanks.
  • 6
    Hotel Clerk (in the morning): Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I hope you had a restful ..... last night.
  • 7
    Mrs. Smith: Yes, we did. The bed was very ..... and this hotel is nice and quiet.
  • 8
    Mr. Smith: The pool facilities are very good as well. I already had a ..... this morning.
  • 9
    Hotel Clerk: I'm glad. If you're ready for breakfast now, you can go into the caf and ..... yourselves to rolls, jam, coffee and/or tea.
  • 10
    Mrs. Smith: Thanks. We're looking ..... to a light breakfast.

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