Dialogue Practice: Hotels (6)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Mr. Smith (to the hotel clerk): That light breakfast was just what we needed. Now, do you have any travel ..... containing things to do in this area?
  • 2
    Hotel Clerk: Yes, we do. I have several colorful and informative ..... that include scenic spots and recreational activities in the area.
  • 3
    Hotel Clerk: Here is another one that ..... all of the museums and galleries, in alphabetical order, in the city. I hope you find them helpful.
  • 4
    Mrs. Smith: Thanks. These look great. I think we're going to enjoy today's ......
  • 5
    Mrs. Smith (to her husband): Look at these beautiful pictures, honey. We should go for a nature ..... through the woods.
  • 6
    Mr. Smith: That sounds good. Let's do it. I'd like a lovely jaunt through a ..... spot.
  • 7
    Mrs. Smith: After that, we can go to this beautiful gallery and then we'll ..... lunch at this great caf on the promenade.
  • 8
    Mrs. Smith (to the hotel clerk): Thank you for the brochures. They are going to be a big ......
  • 9
    Mr. Smith (to the hotel clerk): Can you ask the valet to bring our car out ..... for us, please.
  • 10
    Hotel Clerk: Sure. Here he is. ..... your day!

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