Dialogue Practice: Let's Buy a House (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Wife: I'm sick of ..... this apartment. I want to buy a house.
  • 2
    Husband: Me too. I can contact a real estate ..... in the morning.
  • 3
    Wife: Yes, you should do that. And, will you go online and fill out this form in order to get ..... for a mortgage amount?
  • 4
    Husband: That's a good idea. That way, we'll know how much we can ..... to spend on a house.
  • 5
    Wife: And, I'm also going online in order to see what homes are on the ..... right now.
  • 6
    Husband: OK. But, before you do that, we should think about which neighborhoods we like. Do you want to stay central or would you like to live on the ..... of town?
  • 7
    Wife: I like those new ..... on the edge of town. All of the land in that area has been divided into separate parcels and the houses are new and beautiful.
  • 8
    Husband: Yes, they are nice-looking, and also seem more family-......
  • 9
    Wife: Exactly! Our current location is central and close to shopping, but it's more of an adult community. If we're going to ..... a family, we want to be around other young families.
  • 10
    Husband: I agree. This is actually a good time to start looking for a new house. Interest rates are low and housing ..... have fallen due to the economic downturn lately.

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