Dialogue Practice: Let's Buy a House (2)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Husband: So, let's find out how much we can afford to spend on a house. I'll ..... out the online application ASAP.
  • 2
    Wife: And, I'll start ..... the housing market online.
  • 3
    Wife: This is exciting. We should also give our landlord our ..... soon. He will need to know at least a month in advance if we're leaving.
  • 4
    Husband: But, our ..... is up in 60 days. Let's find a suitable home first and then we'll let our landlord know about our plans.
  • 5
    Wife: OK. Now, what do we want our house to look like? I think I want a two-..... house rather than a bungalow.
  • 6
    Husband: Really? I want a bungalow because I don't want to climb a lot of ..... every day.
  • 7
    Wife: I didn't think about all of the stairs we'd have to climb. OK. I'll ..... for bungalows in the area we talked about.
  • 8
    Husband: Good. So, I'm almost finished with this application. Now, I just have to ..... the online form and it says they will give me a preliminary answer in about 10 minutes.
  • 9
    Husband: It also says a loan ..... will contact me once the bank receives my application.
  • 10
    Husband: I just got pre-approved! Now, the bank has to ..... all of the information I gave them. Wife: That's great, honey!

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