Dialogue Practice: Making a Dentist Appointment

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Secretary: Good morning, Dr. Ford's office. ..... I help you?

  • 2

    Patient: Hi there. I want to make an appointment with Dr. Ford as soon as possible. I have a terrible tooth ......

  • 3

    Secretary: I see. Please ..... a moment while I check his schedule for any openings.

  • 4

    Secretary: Hi, I'm back. Can you come ..... tomorrow at 1:00 pm?

  • 5

    Patient: No, 1:00 pm is not good for me. Do you ..... anything in the morning?

  • 6

    Secretary: No, I don't. How ..... Thursday at 9:00 am?

  • 7

    Patient: I have to take my daughter to school by 8:30 am so I won't be able to make it to your office by 9:00 due to rush hour traffic. Can I come in at 9:30 .....?

  • 8

    Secretary: Sure, 9:30 am sounds good. OK, so you have an appointment to see Dr. Ford at 9:30 am on Thursday. Would you like a ..... call tomorrow?

  • 9

    Patient: No, that's fine. I will remember the date and time. Thank you for getting me in to ..... Dr. Ford so quickly.

  • 10

    Secretary: No problem. And, if something comes up between now and Thursday, please call us and we will ..... your appointment for a more convenient time.

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