Do you mind?

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    She was slowly going ..... her mind with worry until she heard her daughter was safe and well.
  • 2
    I do think you should ..... this in mind before you seriously think about changing jobs.
  • 3
    I'd honestly never heard such an outstanding performance of that symphony - it simply ..... my mind.
  • 4
    The police officer asked him why he hadn't reported the matter earlier and he said simply that it had never ..... his mind.
  • 5
    I'm inclined to give her a ..... of my mind considering all the trouble she has caused this month.
  • 6
    It's clear as they say that great minds think ..... because we have both come to exactly the same conclusion.
  • 7
    He has a one ..... mind as all he ever talks about is money, money, money.
  • 8
    I just can't decide whether to go on holiday this week or later in the year. I'm really in ..... minds about it.
  • 9
    There, I knew there was something I had to do today and now it's completely ..... my mind.
  • 10
    I tried to show an interest in her future career but she simply told me to mind my own ......

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