Documentation Analysis

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    In many projects that use Cognitive Work Analysis methodologies, one of the first steps is bootstrapping, in which the analysts familiarize themselves with the ......

  • 2

    Bootstrapping typically involves an analysis of documents (manuals, texts, technical reports,etc.), and documentation analysis can be a critically important method, one that should be utilized as a ..... of necessity

  • 3

    Documentation Analysis can be a time-consuming process, but can sometimes be indispensable in knowledge ..... (Kolodner, 1983).

  • 4

    In a study of aerial photo interpreters, interviews about the process of terrain analysis began only after an analysis of the .....-available basic knowledge of concepts and definitions; to take up the expert's time by asking questions such as 'What is limestone?' would have made no sense.

  • 5

    Although it is usually considered to be a part of bootstrapping, documentation analysis ..... occurs throughout the entire research programme.

  • 6

    For example, in a weather forecasting case study (Hoffman, Coffey, & Ford, 2000), the bootstrapping process focused on an analysis of published literatures and technical reports that made reference to the ..... of forecasters.

  • 7

    However, documentation analyses of other types occurred throughout the ..... of the project-analysis of records of weather forecasting case studies, analysis of Standard Operating Procedures documents, analysis of the Local forecasting Handbooks, etc.

  • 8

    Documentation Analysis can be suggestive of the reasoning of practitioners, and hence contribute to the ..... of reasoning models.

  • 9

    Documentation Analysis can also be useful in the attempt to construct knowledge models, since the literature may include both useful categories for field knowledge and important specific '.....' of field knowledge.

  • 10

    And finally, Documentation Analysis can be useful in the identification of leverage points-aspects of the work where even a modest ..... of or improvement in technology might result in a proportionately greater improvement in the work.

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