Dotcom Retail Stores

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Melissa Campanelli, a marketing and technology writer in Brooklyn, comments on the reasons for dotcoms to open a physical store to extend their life ......

  • 2

    In the traditional realm of business, you open a retail store first and then launch a website, but since the dotcom revolution, many surviving dotcoms that skipped that first step are realizing the benefits of opening a ..... location.

  • 3

    Anyone that has a business plan with a goal of e-commerce needs to ..... that business plan with a retail reality.

  • 4

    "We realized very early that we could not exist purely as a dotcom," says Sal Perisano, of iParty Corp, "We knew we needed some terrestrial link, some reality other than a virtual company, to ..... what we were doing."

  • 5

    Physical stores give your customers a more convenient way to return goods and try out products - two options analysts say are ..... missing from Net stores.

  • 6

    Owning a store offers a natural ..... flow into and out of the store, which allows an entrepreneur to gather names and begin direct-to-consumer marketing programs.

  • 7

    However, opening a retail store is an expensive ......

  • 8

    For those of you who lack the funding needed to open a retail store right now, try renting a ..... in a local shopping mall.

  • 9

    If you do want to set up ....., you should do whatever you can to learn about launching and running a traditional retail business before you do so.

  • 10

    Your best ..... is to determine ahead of time whether a multichannel strategy is a good move for your dotcom.

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