Electronic Commerce (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    This paper by Derek Miers received critical ..... when it was published in 1996, and the issues highlighted are just as relevant today.

  • 2

    Over recent years information technology has experienced an unprecedented degree of change, enabling the transformation of the basic ..... of business.

  • 3

    Within the next years we will see the emergence of secure, cost-effective electronic payment systems to ..... these technologies.

  • 4

    Those waiting for clear signs of this new age before acting will forever be destined to observe from the ......

  • 5

    The fundamental opportunity offered by the Internet is for suppliers to gain direct access to consumers without the attendant costs associated with the maintenance of physical distribution channels-- people, bricks and ......

  • 6

    Markets and marketing concepts will change radically, driven by those companies who successfully ..... the challenge.

  • 7

    11th-century Europe saw the emergence of credit-based banking systems and financial instruments such as bills of exchange, and these concepts remain with us, in their modified form, ......

  • 8

    These basic concepts ..... all modern forms of commerce.

  • 9

    The rise of the Internet since the ..... of the World Wide Web has provided an easy-to-use communication channel for businesses to contact current and potential customers.

  • 10

    The emergence of the Internet as a general communication channel has also given ..... to the possibility of widespread electronic commerce.

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