Elements of Organizational Behavior (2)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Clark's 'Big Dog's Leadership Page' remarks that although there are four separate organizational models, almost no organization operates exclusively in one; there will usually be a ..... one, with one or more areas overlapping in the other models.

  • 2

    The first model, autocratic, had its roots in the industrial revolution, and the managers of this type of organization ..... out of McGregor's Theory X.

  • 3

    The next three models begin to build on McGregor's Theory Y; they have each evolved over a period of time and there is no ..... 'best' model.

  • 4

    A social system is a complex set of human relationships interacting in many ways; within an organization, the social system includes all the people in it and their relationships to each other and to the ..... world.

  • 5

    Also, the social system does not have .....; it exchanges goods, ideas, culture, etc. with the environment around it.

  • 6

    Culture is the conventional behavior of a society that ..... beliefs, customs, knowledge, and practices.

  • 7

    It influences human behavior, even though it seldom enters ..... their conscious thought.

  • 8

    People depend on culture, as it gives them stability, security, understanding, and the ability to ..... to a given situation.

  • 9

    Individualization is when employees successfully ..... influence on the social system by challenging the culture.

  • 10

    The match that organizations want to create is high socialization and high individualization for a creative environment, but this can become quite a balancing ......

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