Email Do's and Don't's

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Joan Lloyd, of Joan Lloyd & Associates, writes that email is a medium of communication ..... for sheer convenience.

  • 2

    However, she warns that it also carries many ..... and even dangers in the office environment.

  • 3

    Delivering a negative message is difficult, even when it is spoken face-to-face; ..... is almost guaranteed when it's received by email.

  • 4

    What's worse, email can be printed and saved: both parties will often haul out their "documentation" to prove how the other party has ..... them.

  • 5

    If you receive an email that ..... you off, and your first reaction is to counterattack, don't; close it and wait 24 hours before you respond.

  • 6

    Because the tone and ..... are missing, it is more important to use friendly language, descriptive adjectives and carefully chosen words.

  • 7

    If you don't consider how it will sound on the other end and take steps to shape the delivery so the meaning is understood, you could be doing ..... control later.

  • 8

    When I get a sloppy email, with poor punctuation, misspelled words or in lower case letters, it tells me the person just doesn't realize that what and how they write ..... their credibility to others.

  • 9

    Email feels private, but it's anything ......

  • 10

    Write every email for your boss's eyes: it's a great way to keep you honest and ..... sensitive.

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