Employee Performance Appraisal

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Performance appraisal usually takes the form of a periodic interview in which the work performance of the subordinate is examined and discussed, with a view ..... identifying weaknesses and strengths as well as opportunities for improvement and skills development.

  • 2

    In many organizations - but not all - appraisal results are used, either directly or indirectly, to help determine ..... outcomes.

  • 3

    That is, the appraisal results are used to identify the better performing employees who should get the majority of available ..... pay increases, bonuses, and promotions.

  • 4

    By the same ....., appraisal results are used to identify the poorer performers who may require some form of counseling, or in extreme cases, demotion, dismissal or decreases in pay.

  • 5

    Organizations need to be aware of laws in their country that might restrict their capacity to ..... employees or decrease pay.

  • 6

    Whether this is an appropriate use of performance appraisal - the assignment and justification of rewards and penalties - is a very uncertain and ..... matter; few issues in management stir up more controversy than performance appraisal.

  • 7

    There are many ..... sources - researchers, management commentators, psychometricians - who have expressed doubts about the validity and reliability of the performance appraisal process.

  • 8

    Some have even suggested that the process is so inherently ..... that it may be impossible to perfect it (Derven, 1990).

  • 9

    At the other ....., there are many strong advocates of performance appraisal; some view it as potentially "the most crucial aspect of organizational life" (Lawrie, 1990).

  • 10

    Between these two views lie various schools of belief; while all ..... the use of performance appraisal, there are many different opinions on how and when to apply it.

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