English Idioms and Phrases

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    You have to raise your voice a little when talking to him. He's a little hard of hearing.

  • 2

    I went to a real nice restaurant yesterday. The food cost was cheap and they served a lot of food. I had to ask for a doggy bag because I couldn't eat the whole thing.

  • 3

    Fabian was a doormat. No wonder his classmates were always giving him a hard time.

  • 4

    I invited a friend to go to a street market by my house where they served some real good Japanese food. My friend's mom wanted to pay for her daughter's meal, but I insisted on paying for both our meals myself, her mom finally said: Ok, as long as we go Dutch next time.

  • 5

    So, is everything plain as a pikestaff? Oh, yes indeed sir!

  • 6

    We are having a pot-luck dinner at Tim's house tomorrow. Everybody is invited!

  • 7

    I need everybody's help. The wedding is tomorrow and we haven't even started with the decorations yet. We have no time to lose.

  • 8

    Just keep your wig on. Everything is going to be alright, okay?

  • 9

    Kyle was saved by the bell when his sister walked in and asked him to take her to ballet practice.

  • 10

    I would stay away from that guy if I were you, he has a screw loose.

Author: Alan Townend

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