English Slang Idioms (201)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    He hadn't slept in a week. His neighbors had been having .....-down drag out fights every night and they were not quiet about it.
  • 2
    He had worked hard through college and earned perfect grades as a result. Now, he had ..... a bead on Harvard Law School and was waiting to take the entrance exam.
  • 3
    "You are lying so that I don't get mad at you for drinking. What other conclusion could I possibly ..... from what you have been telling me?" Steve asked Megan.
  • 4
    "We need to communicate better. Every time I try to talk to you about why you do the things you do, you ..... back and get defensive," Paul said to Kim.
  • 5
    "We can draw a ..... between abusive husbands and rapists in that both of these groups are using tactics to take power from the victim to give to themselves," the psychology professor told the students.
  • 6
    "One of these days, my partner and I are going to have it out. I refuse to be the first one to draw ....., though. He'll have to start the fight," Sergeant Garcia told his coworker.
  • 7
    "I am surprised that Jay backed his brother against his best friend when his best friend was obviously right. I guess ..... is thicker than water," Paul said to Matt.
  • 8
    He was sad. The end of his time with his girlfriend was ..... near. Soon, he would have to go back to his country and family and vice versa.
  • 9
    Many times, during a campaign season, a candidate will make accusations about another's ethics or background in an attempt to draw the ..... from the media away from his or herself.
  • 10
    "Now that we are in agreement as far as the terms, please ..... up a contract and we'll all sign it," Matt told the others.

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