English Slang Idioms (202)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    One of the major ..... to living in an apartment is that one can't earn equity in it. All of the money one has spent for past months' rent will be gone.
  • 2
    "I don't know where my roommate went and I don't think she will be back any time soon. She left dressed like a ..... dollars about fifteen minutes ago. Maybe she went dancing," Sarah said to Jessica.
  • 3
    "I am sorry that my husband embarrassed you in that nice restaurant by telling dirty jokes loudly. You can dress him up but you can't ..... him anywhere," Gina said to Paula.
  • 4
    "We should repaint that dresser that you want to sell. A nice sanding job and a new finish would dress it ..... nicely," Carly told Amy.
  • 5
    He asked his friend for his notes last class. He kept ..... off and missed a good portion of the lecture daydreaming or falling asleep.
  • 6
    "It is getting late. Drink ..... and let's go," Matt told Paul at the bar as Paul was working on a beer.
  • 7
    "Boy, the neighbor sure drives a hard ...... We have been hassling over the details for the past two hours," Jim told his wife.
  • 8
    "Why do you keep asking me where I was on Tuesday? I already told you twice. What are you ..... at?" Maxine asked her sister.
  • 9
    "Seeing my best friend's brother die in a car accident that was his fault really drove ..... the importance of being sober while driving," Sue told Melanie.
  • 10
    "I thought you would never get home, Tom. Please take the boys outside and play catch with them. They are so hyper today. They are driving me .....!" May said to him.

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