English Slang Idioms (203)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    "Being trapped in the Department of Motor Vehicles for any length of time is enough to drive someone around the .....," Janice told Alison.
  • 2
    The congested traffic in Los Angeles can drive almost anyone ..... - especially if the person is trying to get to work and is going to be late.
  • 3
    "I am having a party on Saturday. Why don't you ..... by?" Paul asked his brother.
  • 4
    "Paul is pathetic. His girlfriend dumped him over a year ago and he has been ..... his sorrows in the local bar ever since," Rick told Bill when he asked how his cousin was doing.
  • 5
    "Why do people bring their little babies into theater performances? Some stupid person's two-year old ..... out the whole last song in Phantom of the Opera by screaming and crying. Do you think the adult took the crying kid out? Heck no," Gina said to Tyler.
  • 6
    "I am going to see if I can ..... up some work and I will be back later. I am going to try to rake people's yards," Tommy told his parents.
  • 7
    "Luke is a very good employee and has a great work ethic. He isn't completely ..... behind the ears yet though, if you know what I mean," Steve told Terry.
  • 8
    It is hard for many alcoholics to ..... out it is even harder for some to learn good habits in other areas of life.
  • 9
    Unfortunately for the Republican Party, support for their cause has dried ..... since President Bush was elected.
  • 10
    "Can you watch the place for a while? I have to ..... out really quick to pick up more drinks and food," Matt said to his roommate during the party.

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