English Slang Idioms (237)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    The little boy hung his ..... in shame when his mom caught him lying about breaking the front window with a baseball.
  • 2
    "I am glad that I finally got the laminate flooring done in the bedroom. That job has been hanging ..... my head for months. Now I don't have to think about it anymore," Linus said to Bart.
  • 3
    "This boat takes off very quickly so hang on to your ....., ladies!" Rob said to Jessica and Rosa.
  • 4
    "Why don't we go to the bar on Friday instead? I have to make a presentation tomorrow and don't want to have a ..... at work," Wally said to Joe and Steve.
  • 5
    "I am sorry I am home late from work. I got ..... over by the police for speeding," Ronny said to Bernice.
  • 6
    "We have been very lucky to have Zachary. We thought he might be a jerk when he became a teenager but he has remained his normal .....-go-lucky self," Christina told Zoe.
  • 7
    "Why do you always have to be so serious and mean? You are a very ..... man to be around sometimes," Shirley said to Isaac.
  • 8
    "Jeff, you are a hard ..... to crack. I have worked with you for five years and I still don't know much about you. You have always refused my invitations and you never answer any of my questions," Paul complained.
  • 9
    "You will have to speak up. Fred is a little ..... of hearing," Geraldine said to their guests.
  • 10
    He hoped that this spell of hard ..... that he had come across would soon pass. He had looked for a job for a month and a half and still hadn't found anything. He had already sold off almost everything he owned of value.

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