English Slang Idioms (240)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    "My aunt, Kathy, has a serious ..... tooth. She eats pounds of chocolate and desserts every day," Chris told Linda.
  • 2
    "My brother is staying on my couch for now. His wife had an ..... with his boss and he caught her last Friday. I told him he could stay until he figures out what to do," Bill told his best friend.
  • 3
    "I am no good at chess. You have beaten me three times in a row," Shawn said to Derrick. He replied, "To be fair, I have an ..... on you. You have only been playing for a few years and I have been playing my whole life."
  • 4
    She had fun shopping with her sister. Her sister had an ..... for good deals and constantly saved her money.
  • 5
    "Jimmy has a real ..... for music. He can listen to a song twice and then play the whole thing, note for note, on the guitar," Laura said to Bethany.
  • 6
    "This is the third mistake on the job you've made this week. I have my ..... on you, so don't screw up again!" The boss told Craig.
  • 7
    "Don't even think about buying that blue shirt in the window, Rhonda. I have ..... on it," Mary said.
  • 8
    "Don't worry about me going to college with other attractive women. I have ..... for only you," Billy told his girlfriend.
  • 9
    "Don't mention Amber's mother. She goes into fits of ..... anytime her mom is mentioned," Bill warned Eric.
  • 10
    "Ever since I told the boss that my supervisor was treating me unfairly, I feel like he has it ..... for me. He is always saying nasty things to me and yells at me for the littlest mistake," Jill said to Amber.

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