English Slang Idioms (290)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    "Are you sure you don't mind helping move?" Christa asked Ryan. He replied, "No, not in the. ...... I would be glad to help."
  • 2
    "Will you take over driving my motorcycle?" Paul asked Chris. "No, not on your ...... Those things scare me and I am not qualified to drive one. I have never tried and it still doesn't sound like a good idea," he replied.
  • 3
    "I tried to talk to Suzy to see if she would go to the movies with us and she wouldn't give me the ..... of day. I'll have to see if I can find someone else that will go with me," Paul said to Chris.
  • 4
    "He told you that he had a lot of handyman experience? Don't hire him, James. I am telling you, he doesn't ..... the first thing about construction, fixing things, or operating tools," Kyle said.
  • 5
    "I love sushi. Do you?" Alison asked Brenda. "No," she replied. "I wouldn't touch sushi with a ten-foot ...... I can't stand raw fish."
  • 6
    "Are you feeling OK? How are you doing?" Chris asked Paul after Paul had broke his leg. "Not so ...... Right after I got back from the hospital, I got sick. Now I have the flu and a broken leg," he replied.
  • 7
    "I talked to your roommate and he said that I could have his bicycle. Can I take it right now?" The stranger asked. Matt replied, "Nothing ...... He didn't tell me anything about it and I have never spoken or seen you before."
  • 8
    "Did your boy play well in the basketball game on Saturday?" Paul's boss asked. He replied, "It was nothing ..... of perfection. He scored 24 points and even dunked one."
  • 9
    "Can I get you another rum and coke? You have been ..... that same drink for the past hour. Drink up! Final exams are over!" Jay said to Phil.
  • 10
    "I am looking forward to moving out. My roommate is a total ..... case. He honestly believes he is a vampire," George told his friend.

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