English Slang Idioms (291)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    "My roommate is kind of an ...... He doesn't like sunny days, he refuses to watch movies and he hates parties. How much more unlike me can you get?" Brian asked his girlfriend.
  • 2
    "I went to the yard sale but there wasn't much there. Just some ..... and ends. Things like: old shoes, a cracked window, some old pots and some mismatched silverware," Janice said to Janelle.
  • 3
    "He might sell his bike but odds are ..... it. He really likes his bike and uses it often. You can ask him, though," Adam said to Greg.
  • 4
    "Christmas break is only a month long so I'm going to look for odd ..... until the spring semester starts," Jordan told his mom.
  • 5
    "We have to drive to Seattle on Tuesday. Is it alright with you if we stay at your house in Portland overnight?" Beth asked her cousin. She replied, "Of ..... you can stay!"
  • 6
    "I have to go into work for two hours. Can you ..... yourself for a while until I get back?" Jacky asked her 12 year-old son.
  • 7
    "We tried to get into Yellowstone National Park to ..... avail. It was all booked up and no amount of cajoling would get us in," Hank told his boss when he got back to work.
  • 8
    "Believe me, I'm not going to move back to my home town. I left there of my own ..... and I'm not going back," Steve said to Shelly.
  • 9
    "My parents didn't want me to join the army. I joined of my own ..... will," Private Harris told First Sergeant Jones.
  • 10
    "There is the bus. Now ..... you go!" The camp counselor told Gina as the bus to take her home arrived.

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