English Slang Idioms (30)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    His boss made him put his regular work on the back ..... so that he could complete yet another special project.

  • 2

    I think the committee is backing the wrong ..... on this one. Jack's idea failed in the past, but Nathan's idea is new and seems more feasible to me.

  • 3

    His day was very busy. He answered ..... to back phone calls from disgruntled customers.

  • 4

    "None of the ideas we came up with at the last meeting have worked. I guess we're back to the drawing .....," the manager informed her team.

  • 5

    "Well, my break is up. Back to the salt ...... It was good seeing you!" Bill said to George.

  • 6

    Zack got into a fight at school, because he felt his ..... was up against the wall. The other boys kept yelling in his face even when he tried to walk away.

  • 7

    My wife is a reformed backseat ...... She used to tell me to slow down every time we went out in the car, but she doesn't do that anymore.

  • 8

    He tried using both a comb and a brush, but resigned himself to the fact that he was having a bad ..... day, so he wore a hat to school.

  • 9

    His parents were mad at him for bad ..... his teacher at school.

  • 10

    He knew he was in bad ..... when he checked his temperature and found that he had a high fever.

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