English Slang Idioms (46)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    "I had to buy the tree. It would be cheap at ..... the price. I got it for way less than it would have cost in a store," Doug said.

  • 2

    I have wanted to go to that concert for months. Come what ....., I will be there.

  • 3

    "My accounting class is boring and a lot of work. I guess that just comes with the .....," Louise said to Kurt.

  • 4

    I was afraid of changing jobs to one that requires talking to people for most of the day. That is a little outside of my comfort ......

  • 5

    "Grandma will never be sick or weak when she is old. She has the ..... of an ox," Beth said to Leah.

  • 6

    Several large US companies have gone bankrupt because management was embezzling funds.They hired accountants that would ..... the books and make the company look better than it really was.

  • 7

    "I can't wait to go to Grandma's for dinner! I'm hungry, and that woman can cook up a(n) .....," Kathy said to her sister.

  • 8

    "If Mom catches you using her hairdryer, your .....'ll be cooked," Willy said to Billy.

  • 9

    "Did you see Ian's hostage negotiation? It was touchy at times, but he acted as cool as a ..... the whole time," Sergeant Wilkins said to Lieutenant Calahan.

  • 10

    Where have you been? You left me cooling my ..... for the past 20 minutes!

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