Erosion and Decay

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    A strategy that might reduce the impact of time erosion is the ..... spread: the combined position of one long option and one short option is less susceptible to the effects of time decay.

  • 2

    Apex is ..... loan obligation - a derivative security whose underlying instrument is a commercial loan - that LJM2 has with First Union, which since has been acquired by Wachovia Bank.

  • 3

    Should the FRB help bail out billionaire hedge fund managers and millionaire traders - the very people who bought the risky mortgages that led to the current market panic? - that, in essence, is the question swirling around Ben S. Bernanke as he confronts the first crisis of his 18 months as ..... chairman.

  • 4

    There are many different ways to own gold, but one of the most popular gold bullion coins is South Africa's .....; introduced in 1970, it was the world's first gold bullion coin, and is denominated in ounces of pure gold rather than having a face value.

  • 5

    The maximum loss from a market peak to a market nadir, commonly called the maximum ....., measures how sustained one's losses can be.

  • 6

    ..... ADR is a depositary receipt program established at the discretion of the issuer, which selects the depositary; the depositary's role is formalized in accordance with a Deposit Agreement between the depositary bank and an issuer.

  • 7

    This daily updated chart is your resource for tracking the ..... unit values of the Investment Division of the New York Life Variable Annuity; for more complete performance including average annual total return, please click on the New York Life Variable Annuity Performance Summary.

  • 8

    NASHVILLE - The state's strong financial situation had Gov. Phil Bredesen looking forward to his annual meetings with New York bond ..... agencies on Wednesday; Bredesen said he hopes the agencies will continue to assign Tennessee a positive outlook.

  • 9

    HR carbon and HSLA plate imports totalled 530,789 tonnes valued at $457.4 million; ..... YTD import volumes would result in an estimated 579,000 tonnes of imports for all of 2004, which would represent an increase of 64 percent over 2003.

  • 10

    The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved the Philippine Stock Exchange Inc.'s (PSE) ..... listing rules for companies acquiring the listing status of a listed company; the new rules will provide the necessary guidelines for compliance and will take effect on September 28, 2006.

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