Essential Advertising

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Stephen Whyte, CEO of Leo Burnett, observes that Marshall McLuhan may have had his ..... when uttering his much-quoted statement, "Advertising is the greatest art form of the 20th Century".

  • 2

    You can dispute whether or not advertising is art, but there is no ..... that advertising is big business.

  • 3

    Advertising's global landscape is changing constantly, as agencies and holding companies consolidate to achieve international clout and economies of ......

  • 4

    Media, telecommunications and electronics are converging to become one giant industry, illustrated by powerful ....., such as the merger between AOL and Time Warner.

  • 5

    Media expansion causes problems for advertisers, but it also presents new opportunities by increasing the possibilities for effectively targeting individuals, rather than taking a ..... approach.

  • 6

    Of the three central roles - account manager, planner and creative - only the account handlers manage the relationship with the client on a ..... basis.

  • 7

    The account manager is the ..... of the wheel - someone who organises the agency team of account managers, planners and creatives.

  • 8

    The planner's role is to find the most ..... communication strategy and develop a real insight into the relationship between the brand and the consumer.

  • 9

    The creatives are the brilliant executional thinkers, working in teams made up of a copywriter and an art director to develop the planners' ideas and think up ads which will give brands a strong competitive ......

  • 10

    We develop relationships with possible future clients, even though sometimes it is years down the line before something ..... it.

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