Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Paula Perttunen had also talked to her boss about the merits of doing ..... Eurobond issue, which could cost 34 percent below a straight issue; the problem was that Finnish laws limited the amount of a local firm's equity that could be held by foreigners to 20 percent, and Nokia was already approaching that limit.

  • 2

    All .....-rate mortgage programs come with a pre-set margin, and are tied to a major mortgage index such as the Libor, COFI, or MTA; some banks and lenders will allow you to choose an index, while many rely on just one of the major indices for the majority of their products.

  • 3

    The debt to the sum of USD 15,000 was caused by the debtor's failure to fulfil the obligations under the independent-work contract dated November, 15, 2005 and the ..... dated October 21, October 23, November, 11 and November 26, 2005.

  • 4

    "Beware of Triple ..... Hour": what sounds like a line from a cheap horror movie is actually a warning you are likely to hear four times a year when three speculative derivatives all expire on the same Friday.

  • 5

    For investors looking to minimize their tax bite, there are tax-..... bond funds, which invest in municipal bonds (debt offerings from state and local municipalities) whose distributions aren't subject to federal taxes nor taxes in the states and localities that issue the bonds.

  • 6

    A stop ..... is an order to buy (or sell) a security once the price of the security climbed above (or dropped below) a specified stop price; when the specified stop price is reached, the stop order is entered as a market order (no limit) or a limit order (fixed or pre-determined price).

  • 7

    Chances are a super ..... bond will be redeemed in its entirety well before the stated maturity date; for instance, if municipal waste comes in slowly - 150,000 tons per year - the counties will have 30 years to pay off the bonds.

  • 8

    ..... funds permit investors to concentrate on a specific investment segment and yet diversify their investments among various issuers; they entail more risk but offer greater potential returns than funds that diversify their portfolios.

  • 9

    A convertible bond is a ..... security because conversion of the bond by an investor will result in more shares of common stock outstanding and a reduction in earnings per share.

  • 10

    The central idea of the random ..... theory is that the market, an aggregate of financial actions by many with their several different purposes and intents, is not inherently knowable; to outperform the market assumes that you understand the market, when actually you are making assumptions.

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