Expressions and Gerunds

Every sentence contains an error. Please find it and type the corrected version into the box below each sentence.
  • 1

    The secret to calming yourself down in moments of panic or crisis is simple: just breath slowly in and out a few times.

  • 2

    Do you know what the cat bought in for me today? Yes, that's right: another dead mouse.

  • 3

    The advantage of this kind of store is that if you're not absolutely sure the clothing is the right size, you can try it on in one of the changing cabins.

  • 4

    You can always book seats in advance by paying on the Internet, and when you get to the theatre, you can collect your cards.

  • 5

    That's a play I'd very much like to see. I've just been reading some rave reports of it in today's newspaper.

  • 6

    It was quite straightforward really. The police caught the man with the dagger in his hand and charged him of murder on the spot.

  • 7

    A good boss is someone who shows appreciation at Christmastime for all the worktheir employed have done throughout the year.

  • 8

    I've just bought one of those new digital cameras. Would you like to have a look at some of the images I've been taking?

  • 9

    They were really excited and thought they'd bought a painting by Van Gogh, but an expert pointed out that the signature had been imitated.

  • 10

    I'm absolutely starving as I haven't eaten all day. What about you? Do you have hunger or have you eaten?

Author: Alan Townend