Failing in IT

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Shamus McGillicuddy writes that it's OK to fail: Every year, Hollywood studios release movies that ..... at the box office.

  • 2

    Record companies ..... albums no one wants to play.

  • 3

    The auto industry introduces cars that ..... - remember the Ford Edsel?

  • 4

    Businesses in every vertical industry take risks when they .....; when they try something new, they know there's a chance for failure.

  • 5

    But in information technology, CIOs rarely feel they have the ..... room to fail.

  • 6

    CIOs need to ..... back when their companies expect a 100% success rate, said Tom Halbouty, vice president and CIO of Pioneer Natural Resources.

  • 7

    When a project fails, put the failure within a context that a company understands; at Pioneer, IT project failures can be compared to the number of wells drilled that came up ..... - plenty!

  • 8

    He said if he tries to create a system that creates animated ..... of underwater drilling projects and puts them out on the Web for his worldwide users to use, he has to expect some risk.

  • 9

    "No one has done it before, and I'm not sure I'm going to pull it .....," he said.

  • 10

    John F. Cole, CIO of Kansas City, Mo.-based Midwest Consulting Group Inc., agreed with Halbouty's notion that CIOs must be prepared for the occasional failure; but on the ..... side, Cole said CIOs should also be sure they are communicating the successes.

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