Finance (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    The one big fear of all world economies is that of ......

  • 2

    You are never too young to start ..... some money in a savings account.

  • 3

    If ever you find you have an unexpected expense, you can always ..... some money from your savings.

  • 4

    At certain times of the year your shares will ..... a good profit but you must also be prepared for them to go down in value.

  • 5

    You can ..... the cost of insuring your car if you keep it in a garage.

  • 6

    We got a very good ..... when we bought that three piece suite for half its usual price.

  • 7

    Now that the summer has started, big department stores are hoping that sales of holiday items will ......

  • 8

    The two companies have decided to ..... because they believe that their combined resources will produce greater profits.

  • 9

    When someone dies and their ..... reach a certain figure, their family has to pay an additional tax.

  • 10

    The loan you have taken out is for a ..... term, which in your case is 5 years.

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