Financial Data

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    ..... thinks that a corporation's security prices are determined by its future earnings and dividend abilities; besides studying a corporation's financial data, s/he will also examine its industry and how the economy will affect the company's core business.

  • 2

    If you're looking for adventure in the stock market world, a capital ..... fund may be just the thing for you; these are high-risk and, you hope, high-payoff funds invested in companies that show high growth potential.

  • 3

    Employees are usually not pleased when their company carries out a pension ..... plan: by replacing the pension plan backed by the company with a fixed annuity backed by an insurance company, pensioners are no longer covered by the guarantee of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.

  • 4

    As to their potential ....., these two species of clams are perceived as being too different from clams currently available on the market; the low response rates and shellfish dealers' unwillingness to evaluate free samples lead us to conclude that it is unlikely that there will be a widespread, mainstream demand for them.

  • 5

    ..... risk defies forecasting, though some ambitious minds never stop trying; recall how stunned everyone in the markets was by its ultimate manifestation in modern memory, the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, on New York and Washington.

  • 6

    In margin trading, brokerage firms loan capital to traders so they may purchase more than they would otherwise be able to; but should the market turn against the trader, and they find themselves unable to liquidate their position, the trader can be left with a ..... balance.

  • 7

    Contributions to a simple IRA are made up of salary reduction contributions and employer contributions; you, as the employer, must make either matching contributions or ..... contributions, and may choose either method of making employer contributions on a yearly basis.

  • 8

    ..... trading is said to occur when an entity sometimes trades as a broker for customers, and at other times trades for its own account; it is quite pervasive throughout the United States securities and futures markets as well as in financial and commodity markets throughout the world.

  • 9

    Securities which are nearly risk-free are sometimes referred to as '..... paper'.

  • 10

    Some businesses avoid double taxation by qualifying for the ..... theory - the incomes from mutual funds, REITs, and limited partnerships are only taxed once because interest, dividends, capital gains, etc are passed through to you; you pay tax on the income, but the business does not.

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